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Ewan Macintyre - Road Junkies (Broken Car Records)

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Some albums, like hot baths on December evenings, let you lower yourself into them and recline there in utter comfort and satisfaction. Road Junkie, Ewan Macintyre's latest record, is one such LP, lapping at the ears with a wonderful warmth as each song froths with Tim S. Savard's fiddle, evocative slide guitar from Pat Steel and Ewan himself, as well as some gorgeous electric guitar from Tyler Lieb.

Sideways provides a sumptuously cinematic opening whilst songs such as Going Nowhere, Cuckoo and Natalie demonstrate the impassioned songwriting of a fine soul artist. There are also some impressive and beautifully arranged forays into the realms of folk such as Take Yourself Out and the sprightly instrumental Mondays. Of course, it's the voice that will keep us coming back to this record; the cordial Scottish lilt in Ewan's vocal, coupled with the weather-worn intonations of a notably emotive jazz singer, lines each track with a uniquely inviting glow.

Liam Wilkinson
Northern Sky